NFT Press Release Distribution – 10 Ways to Promote NFT in 2022

NFT press release distribution

Non-fungible token, also known as NFT is a great digital asset a person can have. It is stored on a public blockchain where anyone can view or make a screenshot of the digital art, but there is only one person who holds the verified ownership. Blockchain technology uses smart contract technology to determine the proof of ownership. The smart contract offers a transparent history of NTF ownership: who creates it, who buys it, and who is selling it.

Since its inception, the NFT and metaverse technology have significantly influenced the way the world used to market its businesses. NFT is now a mainstream marketing strategy helping to develop the culture of art and technology side by side. NFTs are unique online pieces of art that are non-changeable. NFT could be anything – a digital image of a real estate property or a famous painting,, a game artifact, a music piece, a video, or anything you can imagine to convert into digital.

Why should you own or care about  NFT?

Many people who invest in cryptocurrencies are familiar with the importance of owning a NFT. As you move into crypto space to push your NFT, you get into the spotlight with other companies having similar NFTs. 

Businesses also see NFT as an investment opportunity. Seeing market trends, they decide whether to keep or sell the NFT to make more money out of it. 

NFTs or digital assets which could be a simple image or video have been in existence since 2014, but recently their popularity took off when art by Mike Winkelmann was sold for $69 million. Most of the people who invest in crypto are still trying to understand the reason behind this popularity. 

The fact is – you can love it or hate it but can’t ignore it. There are many ways a business can use NFT to its advantage. NFTs can be a marketing tool to bring the spotlight to your brand, a way to establish yourself as a serious business in the community, a reward for the customer base, or an extension of your products. 

What NFTs can be or how they can be used isn’t just limited to a few options. The trend seems to continue to grow in the future.  The NFT market seems to grow even bigger in 2022 and beyond. 

Top 10 NFT Marketing Strategies that don’t suck

So if you are ready to dive into the NFT – cryptocurrency space, here are the top ten ways to promote the NFT. 

1. Press Release Distribution

NFTs are expensive because people want these digital assets. Humans by nature want to own unique things. For example, a 24×24 pixel art named CryptoPunk was sold for a whopping $12 Million. It’s more like having the original Mona Lis with you.  Just like the physical piece of art, the NFTs are valuable because people associate some kind of value with them.

But no matter how cool or valuable a piece of art you create. It doesn’t matter if no one knows about it. Here comes the role of press release distribution that allows you to spread the word about your NFT. Aside from the publicity, a strategic PR strategy has the potential to generate new sales leads. 

The press release is a formal and authentic way to tell the community about the NFT.  It’s similar to making an announcement of your new product or service to the community for extended outreach and brand visibility. 

While there are many press release distribution service providers out there. Some are expensive and then there are some free or cheap press release distribution services. But I would recommend you hire a PR agency having relevant experience in Crypto or NFT PR distribution. 

2. Creating a website and landing pages

Fortunately, there are a few NFT marketplaces where you can sell your non-fungible tokens. You don’t have to create an E-commerce website just to sell your NFTs but having a website that showcases your art and establishes yourself as an artist or someone who understands art is a must.

The website or landing page doesn’t have to be too complex or flashy. Having something elegant, presentable,  and simple would be enough. The goal here is to show your art and make it look expensive and worth the investment. 

3. Search Engine Optimization

Once you have a website showcasing your art and NFTs, it’s time to optimize it for humans as well as for search engines. You need to identify the keywords related to your NFTs and strategize on-page and off-page optimization to improve the search engine ranking and generate more traffic.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing isn’t for every kind of business but social media platforms like Instagram, and Pinterest can be great for non-fungible tokens. Community interaction is everything for new NFTs. When you embrace the potential of social media and connect with potential buyers, great things can happen. 

Find out where the potential buyers hang out and reach out. The more you engage and communicate with the target audience, the greater the ripple effect is created. 

5. Content marketing

It’s probably the slowest and longest marketing strategy to prompt NFT or any crypto asset. But it is also one of the most effective ways to reach out to potential sale leads and bring in some cash flow.  

Although paying influencers or journalists to promote the NFT is quite common, it is also an expensive route.  The alternative is to hire bloggers or use guest blogging to build a diverse backlink profile and share the word to attract buyers. 

6. Discord Marketing

Discord initially developed for gamers, has over 140 million active users ranging from writers, and content creators, to gamers. Each discord server has its community,  topics, and channels, and thus offers a great way to prompt NFTs as it reaches its targeted audience in no time. 

Discord isn’t controlled by any algorithm and offers a diverse range of communication and message methods such as video calls to live to the stream which makes it simple to market NFT through discord.

7. Telegram

Telegram is an instant messaging app that supports a large group of users. Like discord it allows users to communicate without any complexities. Telegram is useful for creators to keep potential buyers up to date about the latest NFTs activity.

8. Email Marketing

If you are creating NFT to sell and keep doing it as a business, maybe it’s time to consider email marketing. If you are starting from scratch and need to build an email list, probably buying a sales leads database is the first step to fast-track the whole NFT marketing thing. 

Email marketing is an inexpensive tool to get in touch with the target community. Through email, you can not only communicate, engage, and encourage them to take action but it is also easy to get feedback or keep track of your NFT project. 

9. Paid Advertising

This one’s self-explanatory. First, decide the platform you want to advertise your NFT and then decide the budget. You can always start small and test the waters before jumping into something crazy.

10. NFT Marketplace

To be discovered, your NFTs need to be listed in the NFT marketplace. It works very much like a physical marketplace where you need to list your NFT to be seen by potential customers. You can probably create hype around your NFT or generate new potential sale leads, but in the end,  you need to list your NFT in a marketplace with reasonable traffic and community. 


Creating NFT and putting it on sales may seem like an easy task but making the whole hype work for you isn’t that simple. You need to invest your time and money to come up with a proper marketing strategy. By using the right media outlets and strategy you can reach the target community and achieve your goals.