Make Your Advertising Look More Catchy Using Photo Enhancement Services: 10 Tips

Considering the severe competition in today’s online market, brands are looking for efficient methods to improve their online presence and reach more clients. Digital photographs are indispensable in this regard, allowing businesses to present various notions and products in an eye-pleasing way. 

Based on data from MDG research, 70% of online buyers make a final purchasing decision after examining images. That’s why you should use top-quality marketing photos. 

Currently, there are many agencies that specialize in editing advertising images. In this article, we’ve touched upon 10 basic things you should ask for when hiring photo editing experts. 

1. Always Retouch Skin and Remove Blemishes


Skin retouching is rather a tedious process but you can’t skip it if you want your marketing images to look professional. In fact, this concept involves making numerous slight changes while keeping the unique features of a person unedited. If you lack time or skills to make all these tweaks, you’d better delegate the task to reputable photo enhancement services DF Experts will accurately get rid of flyaway hair and wrinkles on the face without going overboard.

Besides, they will airbrush skin to achieve a smooth yet natural look. Typically, they remove visible defects, blackheads, and pimples, zap dark circles and bags under the eyes, and adjust tone balance and the lighting pattern. In all situations, they preserve all birthmarks and other distinguishing features. 

When editing photos, they also pay special attention to eyes and teeth. Even if you use advanced cameras and lighting equipment, you may still see that teeth have a yellowish tint in pictures while the color of eyes is distorted. Of course, fixing these defects is possible in a purpose-built program. 

2. Adjust Saturation for More Vivid or Muted Colors

Ordering a photo enhancement service, you should discuss the preferred saturation of colors in detail. Actually, saturation stands for the intensity of colors. The higher it is; the more vivid colors you get. The lower the value, the heavier the color tilts to gray. 

By lowering saturation, you can add calmness and tranquility to your photos, and doing the opposite adjustments result in creating the feel of vividness. Playing with saturation, you can totally alter the mood of a photo. 

For instance, by lowering saturation to a greater degree, you will end up with a more dramatic picture, while an oversaturated photo looks lovely and even a kind of energetic. 

3. Remove Too Obvious Distractions from Your Images

If you want to make advertising more catchy using photo enhancement services, you should definitely specify what objects you perceive as distractions so that specialists can remove them. This can be something tiny like paper clips or more voluminous, e.g., boxes. 

Anyway, such elements steal viewers’ attention from what is intended to be the centerpiece of the composition. No matter how beautiful your picture is, it is very important to get rid of distractions. Thus, people can better grasp the idea and evaluate the qualities of the product advertised. 

4. Send Them RAW Files

It is highly recommended to take photos in RAW format, especially, if you’re going to print your photos in different sizes. Thus, people, who will edit your images, get more data to work with than what is stored in smaller file formats. 

Using specific RAW photo editing software, experts can modify almost every parameter be it exposure, color, sharpness, noise, etc. Thus, unlike compressed formats, e.g., JPEG, they can save an underexposed RAW picture by pulling out more detail from the shadows. Besides, retouchers can perform complicated manipulations so that the resulting image looks fantastic.

5. Replace the Background  

When it comes to marketing photos, you should be extra careful with the background. What seems to be OK during the shooting, may turn out strange in images. In fact, the objects located in the foreground should harmoniously match the backdrop so that the entire composition is easy to perceive. 

Fortunately, nowadays it is possible to modify the original background in image editing programs. Here, retouchers can correct colors, replace the background, and totally remove it. 

6. Perform Head Swapping

It happens sometimes that a photo looks terrific with the only part being disappointing is a model’s face, namely, the expression. However, this defect is easy to handle. You probably have several similar pictures, so experts can choose the one where everything is good with the facial expression and simply swap heads. 

Doing such a correction on your own may be difficult, so it’s better to address professionals for help. They know how to swap heads/faces, preserving natural proportions, light and shadow interplay, etc. 

7. Add an Overlay


If you want to embellish your marketing images without tiring customers’ eyes, you should opt for applying overlays instead of flashy effects and filters. An overlay is a texture, image, or color placed over the background of a picture. The main purpose of overlays is to create a certain mood or highlight any object in a shot. Besides, there are some overlays that allow creating a Double Exposure effect in a quick way. 

8. Add a Watermark to Your Image

Nowadays, it is a challenging task to make people remember your brand considering the range of offers. However, you should invest time and money in doing so, otherwise, all your other efforts will go in vain. 

The easiest way to make customers instantly recognize your products is to add a unique watermark to all your photos. Any image enhancement company has this option in the list of services. Just make sure your watermark is located in a corner of a picture and has a proper size.

9. Smooth Out Clothing Wrinkles and Retouch the Fabric 


There may be no secondary items in the frame but a photo still looks untidy. This is mainly the case with images of clothing objects that easily crease and wrinkles distract people’s attention from what really matters. So, it is obligatory to remove wrinkles to provide your customers with flawless images. 

As for retouching pictures of clothes, it requires the same corrections as any other type of photo processing. Your task is to define problem areas and ask experts to remove wrinkles and preserve natural textures and shine. It may also happen that fabric has lost its fine details and a skirt or any other piece of attire looks flat. In this case, you should ask the team to recover the details and textures.

10. Adjust Make-Up and Facial Features

If there is a model advertising your products in photos, you should definitely pay attention to its facial features. Fortunately, almost every photo enhancement service can fulfill this task. Retouchers can change the shape of a face, eyes, nose, lips, forehead, jaw, cheeks, etc. 

Besides, they can improve makeup or apply a digital one, experimenting with lipstick colors, blush, and foundation. If you are interested in a specific makeup, seasoned retouchers will make all the needed tweaks.